It’s been a couple of weeks now since the release of A Hundred Years to Arras. I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive reception and the reviews that people have been posting on Amazon and Good Reads, but also reviews from respected book bloggers, who have taken part in a blog tour for the book that has been organised by Unbound with Random Tours.


Below are links to the reviews. I’m so pleased that so many have responded so well to the layers of the novel – that it isn’t just a war story. The book is available from all good book retailers. If your local bookshop doesn’t have it in, please ask them to order it in – most will be able to get it in for you the following day. Of course, if online is your thing, it’s available there too, both in paperback and e-book format. The first review on the blog tour was from the ‘It Takes a Woman’ blog: You can follow Stacey on Twitter @svmitche. Instagram was next, with robynne_reads: and, the same day, there was this lovely review: You can follow Jo @jaffareadstoo on Twitter. Mrs Bookburney on Instagram recommends the book too: as does Snowphiethebookworm: Cheryl was kind enough to call the book “heartwarming and gently woven” on her blog: and you can follow her on Twitter at @mm_cheryl. The first week of the blog tour was rounded out by this incredibly well-informed piece from @MaliceAfore at that also looks at the real person of Robert Gooding Henson: I’ve reproduced some of the photos below that this reviewer used to link to the review from Twitter, where it is described as follows: ‘Wilfred Owen wrote “The poetry is in the pity.” There is plenty of both in this excellent novel, set in the Great War’. Please do check out these reviews if you’re interested, and also the tireless work of these book bloggers who are recommending such great books – not just mine! The blog tour resumes tomorrow, 6th September. Who knows what the second week will bring?


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